We’re an independent design studio based in London, creating bold and effective work across the spectrum; from established businesses to start-ups and corporate clients.

GUA offers a full range of creative services across print and screen, with a focus on work that will reveal the best and most engaging visual aspects of your organisation. We work directly with you, not through account handlers.

We’re a purposefully small team, working with an international network of trusted collaborators whenever it’s required. This means we can ensure we get the right talent for each project and it makes it easy to be agile and efficient with budgets. We’re hands-on, involved and collaborative.

Our agency revolves around attention to detail and care across all aspects of a project. We enjoy working in partnership with ambitious and open-minded clients, and we passionately believe in the power of design to create fresh and effective work.

If you would like to find out more, or discuss a potential project, then please get in touch.


info (at) giveupart.com

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